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Expenses of the world cups 1994 to 2022

The World Cup is a significant event in international football that takes place every four years. However, the costs associated with organizing and hosting the World Cup can be enormous.

Here are the costs of the World Cup from 1994 to 2022:

  • 1994: 0.3 billion euros

  • 1998: 1.3 billion euros

  • 2002: 2.2 billion euros

  • 2006: 4.0 billion euros

  • 2010: 4.4 billion euros

  • 2014: 10.5 billion euros

  • 2018: 12.5 billion euros

  • 2022: 220 billion euros

The costs of organizing and hosting a FIFA World Cup can be enormous, especially in the controversial location of Qatar, the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The decision to hold the tournament in Qatar has been the subject of much controversy and discussion, particularly due to concerns about the working conditions of migrant laborers, human rights, and environmental impacts.

The cost of hosting the World Cup in Qatar has been exorbitant.


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