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Shirt sponsorship in the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A

The jersey sponsorship is an important part of professional football and has become a significant industry in recent years. The main source of income for most football clubs is no longer solely ticket and merchandise sales, but also revenues from jersey sponsorship. This trend has gained importance throughout the football industry in recent years and demonstrates how important sponsorship can be for the financial stability and success of a football club.

Jersey sponsorship in football has changed and developed significantly in recent years. Previously, it was mainly local and regional companies that acted as jersey sponsors. Nowadays, more and more international corporations can be seen on the jerseys of top clubs. But states also use the sponsorship of football clubs as an instrument of so-called sports washing.

Sportwashing is a concept in which a state tries to improve its public perception by financing sports events or sports clubs to distract from political or human rights issues. For example, states such as Qatar and Abu Dhabi have made massive investments in European football in recent years by buying clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

Sponsorship in Football: These 10 clubs receive the Most

  1. Real Madrid - Emirates - €70.00 million

  2. PSG - Accor - €65.00 million

  3. Barcelona - Spotify - €57.50 million

  4. Manchester United - TeamViewer - €55.00 million

  5. Manchester City - Etihad Airways - €55.00 million

  6. Liverpool - Standard Chartered - €47.50 million

  7. Chelsea - Three - €47.50 million

  8. Arsenal - Emirates - €47.50 million

  9. Tottenham Hotspur - AIA - €47.50 million

  10. Bayern Munich - Deutsche Telekom - €45.00 million

The following table shows the main sponsors of the 2021/22 season in the German football league, Bundesliga. The list is led by VfL Wolfsburg, which was sponsored by Volkswagen with 70 million euros. FC Bayern Munich follows with a sponsorship contract worth 45 million euros with Telekom, while Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig were sponsored by 1&1 and Red Bull for 35 million euros each. It is also interesting to note that some smaller clubs such as Arminia Bielefeld, Union Berlin, or VFL Bochum have comparatively low sponsorships, indicating a clear imbalance. VfL Wolfsburg received 28 times more than VFL Bochum in sponsorship for the 2021/22 season.

Sponsorship Bundesliga 2021/22

  1. VfL Wolfsburg: Volkswagen, 70.00 million euros

  2. FC Bayern Munich: Telekom, 45.00 million euros

  3. Borussia Dortmund: 1&1, 35.00 million euros

  4. RasenBallsport Leipzig: Red Bull, 35.00 million euros

  5. VfB Stuttgart: Mercedes-Benz Bank, 10.00 million euros

  6. Borussia Monchengladbach: Flatex, 9.00 million euros

  7. Hertha BSC: Autohero, 8.00 million euros

  8. 1.FC Köln: Rewe, 7.50 million euros

  9. Eintracht Frankfurt: Indeed, 7.00 million euros

  10. Bayer 04 Leverkusen: Barmenia, 6.00 million euros

  11. TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: SAP, 5.50 million euros

  12. FC Augsburg: WWK, 4.20 million euros

  13. 1.FSV Mainz 05: Kömmerling, 4.00 million euros

  14. SC Freiburg: Schwarzwaldmilch, 3.00 million euros

  15. 1.FC Union Berlin: Aroundtown, 2.50 million euros

  16. Arminia Bielefeld: Schüco, 2.50 million euros

  17. VfL Bochum: Vonovia, 2.50 million euros

  18. SpVgg Greuther Fürth: Hofmann Personal (no information available)

Die Premier League weist ähnliche Unterschiede wie die Bundesliga in Bezug auf Sponsoring-Verträge auf. Manchester City führt die Liste der Hauptsponsoren mit einem Vertrag über 67,50 Millionen Euro mit Etihad an, gefolgt von Manchester United mit 47 Millionen Euro von TeamViewer und Chelsea, Tottenham und Arsenal mit jeweils 40 Millionen Euro von Three, AIA und Emirates. Kleinere Vereine wie Brighton & Hove Albion und Burnley hatten Verträge in der Saison 2021/22 über 1,5 Millionen Euro mit American Express und Umbro, während andere Vereine wie Wolverhampton Wanderers, Southampton, Brentford und Norwich City keine Angaben zu ihren Hauptsponsoren machten. Es ist deutlich zu erkennen, dass in der Premier League die finanzielle Kluft beim Sponsoring zwischen den Top-Clubs und den kleineren Vereinen exorbitant hoch ist. Manchester City kassierte 45 Mal so viel wie der FC Burnley.

Sponsorship Premier League 2021/22

  1. Manchester City: Etihad, 67.50 million euros

  2. Manchester United: TeamViewer, 47.00 million euros

  3. FC Chelsea: Three, 40.00 million euros

  4. Tottenham Hotspur: AIA, 40.00 million euros

  5. FC Arsenal: Emirates, 40.00 million euros

  6. FC Liverpool: Standard Chartered, 32.00 million euros

  7. Leicester City: FBS, 20.00 million euros

  8. FC Everton: Cazoo, 10.00 million euros

  9. West Ham United: Betway, 10.00 million euros

  10. Newcastle United: Fun88, 6.50 million euros

  11. Crystal Palace: W88, 6.50 million euros

  12. Aston Villa: Cazoo, 6.00 million euros

  13. Leeds United: SBOTOP, 6.00 million euros

  14. FC Watford:, 5.00 million euros

  15. Brighton & Hove Albion: American Express, 1.50 million euros

  16. FC Burnley: Umbro, 1.50 million euros

  17. Wolverhampton Wanderers: ManBetX (no information available)

  18. FC Southampton: (no information available)

  19. FC Brentford: Hollywoodbets (no information available)

  20. Norwich City: Lotus (no information available)

In the Spanish La Liga, Real Madrid led the list in the 2021/22 season with a sponsorship contract of 70 million euros with Emirates, followed by FC Barcelona whose main sponsor Rakuten invested 60 million euros. Compared to other leagues such as the German Bundesliga or the English Premier League, sponsorships in the Spanish league were generally lower.

Atletico Madrid was sponsored by Plus500 with 15 million euros, while Athletic Bilbao received 5 million euros from Kutxabank. The remaining clubs had sponsorships between 1 and 4 million euros. It is evident that there is a significant imbalance between the larger and smaller clubs in the Spanish league, as reflected in the different amounts of sponsorships, with Real Madrid receiving almost 100 times more than RCD Mallorca.

Sponsorship in La Liga 2021/22

  1. Real Madrid - Emirates - 70.00 million euros

  2. FC Barcelona - Rakuten - 60.00 million euros

  3. Atletico Madrid - Plus500 - 15.00 million euros

  4. Athletic Bilbao - Kutxabank - 5.00 million euros

  5. FC Sevilla - Naga App - 5.00 million euros

  6. Deportivo Alavés - Betway - 4.00 million euros

  7. Celta Vigo - Estrella Galicia - 4.00 million euros

  8. FC Getafe - Tecnocasa Group - 4.00 million euros

  9. FC Valencia - - 3.00 million euros

  10. Elche CF - TM Real Estate - 3.00 million euros

  11. RCD Espanyol Barcelona - Riviera Maya - 3.00 million euros

  12. Real Sociedad San Sebastian - Finetwork - 2.80 million euros

  13. Real Betis Sevilla - Finetwork - 2.50 million euros

  14. FC Cádiz - Dafabet - 2.00 million euros

  15. Granada CF - Winamax - 2.00 million euros

  16. Levante UD - Gedesco - 2.00 million euros

  17. FC Villarreal - Pamesa Ceramica - 2.00 million euros

  18. CA Osasuna - Verleal - 1.50 million euros

  19. Rayo Vallecano Madrid - DigiCommunications - 1.00 million euros

  20. RCD Mallorca - αGEL - 0.75 million euros

In the past season of the Italian football league Serie A, most teams had secured sponsorship deals. Juventus Turin received 45 million euros from Jeep, followed by AC Florence sponsored with 25 million euros from Mediacom, and Inter Milan who received 20 million euros from

Lazio Rome, FC Genoa, Venice FC, Spezia Calcio, and US Salernitana 1919 were unable to secure shirt sponsorship in the 2021/2022 season.

Sponsorship Serie A 2021/22

  1. Juventus Turin: Jeep, 45.00 million euros

  2. AC Florenz: Mediacom, 25.00 million euros

  3. Inter Milan:, 20.00 million euros

  4. US Sassuolo Calcio: Mapei, 18.00 million euros

  5. AC Milan: Emirates, 14.00 million euros

  6. SSC Napoli: Lete, 11.00 million euros

  7. AS Roma: digitalbets, 12.00 million euros

  8. Atalanta Bergamo: Radici Group, 6.00 million euros

  9. FC Bologna: facile ristruttura, 3.00 million euros

  10. Cagliari Calcio: Sardegna, 3.00 million euros

  11. FC Turin: Suzuki, 3.00 million euros

  12. Hellas Verona: Sinergy, 1.50 million euros

  13. UC Sampdoria: Very Mobile, 1.00 million euros

  14. FC Empoli: Computer Gross, 1.00 million euros

  15. Udinese Calcio: Dacia, 1.00 million euros

  16. Lazio Rome: no sponsor, 0.00 million euros

  17. FC Genoa: no sponsor, 0.00 million euros

  18. Venice FC: no sponsor, 0.00 million euros

  19. Spezia Calcio: no sponsor, 0.00 million euros

  20. US Salernitana 1919: no sponsor, 0.00 million euros


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