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finances, revenues, transfers and salaries Fulham FC

Here you will find comprehensive information on Fulham FC finances, transfers and player salaries. We offer you detailed insights into the club's financial situation, including revenue from merchandising, sponsorship and ticket sales, as well as spending on player transfers, salaries and infrastructure. Our website is updated regularly to ensure you are always aware of the latest developments.


Fulham FC, also known as The Cottagers, The Whites or The Lilywhites, is an English football club based in
Borough of Fulham in west London. Founded in 1879, it is the oldest active professional football club in the world
British capital.

The club rose to the First Division for the first time in 1949, and after being promoted a second time in 1959, they first spent until 1968
a long time in the first division. After the following 33 years in the lower leagues, Fulham FC played from 2001 to 2014
back in the English top flight and has since risen again.

To date, the club has not won any major national or international title. highlights in the
Club histories include reaching the FA Cup final in 1975, winning the UI Cup in 2002, the club
first UEFA Cup appearance and first European club final appearance of the year
2010 in the UEFA Europa League.

Home games have been played at Craven Cottage Stadium near the banks of the River Thames since 1896.

  • Name: Fulham Football Club

  • Headquarters: London-Fulham, England

  • Founded: August 16, 1879

  • Owner: Shahid Khan

  • Website:

  • Venue: Craven Cottage

  • Seats: 22,384

  • League: Premier League

Revenues and annual result Fulham FC in the Fiscal years 2015/16 to 2020/21

The figures show that Fulham FC's revenue for the 2020/21 financial year has increased significantly compared to the previous year is, however, the annual result has deteriorated and there is a high negative result.

In previous years, the club's revenue has fluctuated (depending on league affiliation), but the annual result has been in the
Period consistently negative.


Revenue and annual result Fulham FC in the financial years 2015/16 to 2020/21:


  • Fiscal year 2020/21: revenue 131.20; Annual result -106.62

  • Fiscal year 2019/20: revenue 65.59; Annual result -51.08

  • Fiscal year 2018/19: revenue 155.60; Annual result -22.83

  • Fiscal year 2017/18: revenue 43.28; Annual result -51.08

  • Fiscal year 2016/17: revenue 39.44; Annual result -24.07

  • Fiscal year 2015/16: revenue 40.68; Annual result -14.13

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