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Finances, revenues, transfers and salaries Tottenham Hotspur

Here you will find comprehensive information on Tottenham Hotspur's finances, transfers and player salaries. We offer you detailed insights into the club's financial situation, including revenue from merchandising, sponsorship and ticket sales, as well as spending on player transfers, salaries and infrastructure. Our website is updated regularly to ensure you are always aware of the latest developments.


Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is a renowned football club based in Tottenham, north London. The club was founded in 1882 and has had a long history in English football ever since. The club is also often referred to as "The Spurs", "Totts" or "Lilywhites".

In the 1960/61 season, Tottenham became the first English club in the 20th century to win both the League and the FA Cup in the same season. Another milestone in the club's history was winning the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1963, making Tottenham the first British side to win a European club competition.

The club's motto, 'Audere est Facere' (lat. 'daring is doing'), reflects the ambitious and risk-taking mentality that has always prevailed at Tottenham. The name "Hotspur" refers to a boisterous, careless noble military leader from the late Middle Ages and reflects the club's combative attitude.

Tottenham Hotspur has produced many successful players and coaches throughout its history and is one of the most well-known and traditional clubs in English football.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has had the investment company ENIC International Ltd as its main shareholder since 2001. ENIC was founded by English billionaire Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy, Lewis' partner at ENIC, is the current chairman of the club.

In June 2007, ENIC bought a 14.7% stake from former CEO Alan Surgar, increasing its own stake in the company to 68%. By 2006, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, owner of Hodram Inc, also held 9.9% of the club's shares. However, he sold most of his shares to ENIC, making them the only shareholder holding more than 3% of the shares. According to the club's annual report, ENIC currently holds an aggregate stake of 82% in Tottenham Hotspur Football Club's shares.

White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur's old stadium, was demolished at the end of the 2017 season and replaced by the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which cost around €870m and now has a capacity of 62,850 spectators. However, the opening of the new stadium had to be postponed, which is why all home games in 2018 were played at Wembley Stadium. The opening finally took place on April 3, 2019 against Crystal Palace. The cost of building the new stadium has soared to over €1.1bn due to the delays, which is why the club have asked their lenders for a €113m loan increase. In total, Tottenham Hotspur's liabilities from the construction of the stadium amount to 567 million euros.

  • Name: Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

  • Headquarters: London Tottenham, England

  • Incorporated 5 September 1882 as Hotspur Football Club

  • Colours: blue-white

  • Ownership: ENIC Group (controlled by Joe Lewis), Foundations (with Daniel Levy as Chairman)

  • Website:

  • Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

  • Seats: 62,850

  • League: Premier League

Revenues of Tottenham Hotspur from the financial years 2008/09 to 2021/22

Tottenham Hotspur recorded an impressive revenue of €520m in the 2021/22 financial year, an increase of 28.60% compared to the Covid-19 impacted 2020/21 season. Despite this growth, Spurs made a significant pre-tax loss (€72.07 million) for the third consecutive year.

The high losses are due to the unplanned additional costs for their new stadium (details can be found under "General"). Spurs not only have to pay financing costs for the stadium, but also write-offs totaling 84.60 million euros, which are significantly higher than at any other club in the Premier League.


However, there is still potential for increasing sales as naming rights for the stadium have not yet been granted. Allegedly, negotiations are underway for a deal that could bring in more than 235 million euros. In addition, Spurs approved a capital increase of up to €176 million by majority shareholder ENIC Sports through the issuance of convertible A common shares and accompanying warrants.

For the first time, Spurs surpassed €100m (€117.57m) in matchday earnings, a significant increase from last year when games were played to empty stadiums due to the pandemic.


Spurs averaged 56,500 spectators at their home games, fourth in the Premier League. Another positive development was record revenues from commercial exploitation of 215.74 million euros, compared to 177.53 million euros in the previous year.  

Here is an overview of Spurs' revenues in the financial years 2008/09 to 2021/22 (in million euros):

  • Fiscal year 2021/22: 522.00

  • Fiscal year 2020/21: 406.00

  • Fiscal year 2019/20: 446.00

  • Fisacl year 2018/19: 521.00

  • Fiscal year 2017/18: 528.00

  • Fiscal year 2016/17: 356.00

  • Fiscal year 2015/16: 280.00

  • Fiscal year 2014/15: 258.00

  • Fiscal year 2013/14: 216.00

  • Fiscal year 2012/13: 172.00

  • Fiscal year 2011/12: 178.00

  • Fiscal year 2010/11: 181.00

  • Fiscal year 2009/10: 146.00

  • Fiscal year 2008/09: 133.00

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