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finances, revenues, transfers and salaries  Spezia Calcio

Find comprehensive information on Spezia Calcio's finances, transfers and player salaries. We offer you detailed insights into the club's financial situation, including revenue from merchandising, sponsorship and ticket sales, as well as spending on player transfers, salaries and infrastructure. Our website is updated regularly to ensure you are always aware of the latest developments.


Spezia Calcio is an Italian football club founded in 1906 in the city of La Spezia in Liguria. Also known as "I Aquilotti" (The Eagles) or "I Bianconeri" (The White-Blacks), the club plays its home games at the Stadio Alberto Picco, which has a capacity of 10,336.

The football section of Sport Club Spezia was founded on October 10, 1906 by Hermann Hurny and other Swiss and initially played against sailors in the Piazza d'Armi. On November 20, 1911, Spezia FC was formed, the first president was Francesco Corio. Spezia FC's first captain and goalscorer was Alberto Picco, but he fell during the First World War aged just 20.


The club's first official game took place on January 20, 1912, in a friendly against Virtus Juventusque from Livorno. The stadium was named after Alberto Picco in 1919 and still bears that name today. In the 1920 championship, the club changed the jersey color and chose the club colors white and black.

In the 1943/44 season, despite the Second World War, an Italian football championship took place, in which only teams from northern Italy could take part due to the turmoil of war. La Spezia was classified into Elimination Round D of Emilia-Romagna. Since the last president, Coriolano Perioli, had been sent to a German concentration camp, the club was left without a leader. Giacomo Semorile, the only survivor from the former leadership, merged AC Spezia with Vigili del Fuoco Spezia to attract players to the club. The new club became VV.F. Called Spezia and was able to win the championship this season.

  • Name: Spezia Calcio Srl

  • Headquarters: La Spezia, Italy

  • Foundation: October 10, 1906

  • Colours: white, black

  • Website:

  • Venue: Alberto Picco Stadium

  • Capacity: 10,336

  • League: Serie A

Revenues and annual results of Spezia Calcio in the financial years 2019 to 2022

The figures give an insight into the financial position of Spezia Calcio in recent years. In the 2019 financial year, the club had a revenue of 15.68 million euros, but had to record a negative annual result of -2.14 million euros. In 2020, revenues increased to 24.47 million euros and the club was able to post a small positive annual result of 3.18 million euros. The positive trend continued in the 2021 financial year, revenues rose to EUR 39.07 million and the annual result improved to EUR -16.96 million. In 2022, the club had a revenue of 41.20 million euros, but had a negative annual result of -17.71 million euros.

Revenues and annual results of Spezia Calcio in the financial years 2019 to 2022 in million euros:

  • Fiscal year: 2022, revenue: 41.20, annual result: -17.71

  • Fiscal year: 2021, revenue: 39.07, annual result: -16.96

  • Fiscal year: 2020, revenue: 24.47, annual result: 3.18

  • Fiscal year: 2019, revenue: 15.68, annual result: -2.14

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