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finances, revenues, transfers and salaries AC Monza

Here you will find comprehensive information on AC Monza finances, transfers and player salaries. We offer you detailed insights into the club's financial situation, including revenue from merchandising, sponsorship and ticket sales, as well as spending on player transfers, salaries and infrastructure. Our website is updated regularly to ensure you are always aware of the latest developments.


AC Monza is an Italian football club, founded in 1912, from the Lombard city of Monza. The club is also known as I Biancorossi (“The White-Reds”) and I Brianzoli (“The Brianzoli”). The club's home ground is the U-Power Stadium, which seats around 15,000 spectators, while the training ground is in the north of the city of Monza.

In September 2018, Fininvest SpA, Silvio Berlusconi's financial holding company, acquired the football club.

Monza has played a total of 40 seasons in Serie B, but has never been promoted to the highest Italian league, Serie A. Zur Season 2022/23  AC Monza rose to Serie A for the first time.

The AC Monza team and supporters celebrated this historic success, which gives the club the opportunity to compete at national level with the best teams in the country. 

For AC Monza, promotion to Serie A means not only greater media exposure and higher revenues, but also a challenge to prove themselves at the highest level of Italian football and assert themselves against strong opponents. The club's supporters are delighted with this success and hope that their side can continue to perform strongly and compete in Serie A.

  • Name: Association Calcio Monza SpA

  • Headquarters: Monza, Italy

  • Foundation: 1912

  • Colours: red, white

  • Owner: Fininvest SpA

  • Website:

  • Venue: U-Power Stadium

  • Places: 15,039

  • League: Serie A

Revenues and annual results of FC Monza in the financial years 2020 to 2021

The figures presented below show the revenues of the Italian football club FC Monza for the financial years 2020 and 2021. It can be seen that the club's revenues in 2021 were 14.57 million euros compared to the previous year where the revenues were 6.01 million euros. In the 2020 financial year, FC Monza was still playing in Serie C, in the 2021 season in Serie B.


AC Monza made severe losses in both financial years, which was higher in 2021 with 31.27 million euros than in the previous year with 26.77 million euros.

Revenue and annual results of FC Monza in the financial years 2020 to 2021 in million euros:

  • Fiscal year 2021: revenue 14.57; Annual result -31.27

  • Fiscal year 2020: revenue 6.01; Annual result -26.77

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