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Salaries and salary ratio of the top 5 leagues in Europe 2020/21

Salaries in professional football have long been a controversial topic. Especially in the top leagues in Europe, players often earn enormous sums in salaries. In this context there is also the so-called salary ratio, which indicates what percentage of a club's income is spent on the salaries of the players. In this context, the salaries and salary ratios of the top 5 leagues in Europe are regularly examined and compared. In this context, the following text compares and presents the average salaries and salary quotas for the 2020/21 seaso Salaries and salary ratios of the top 5 football leagues in Europe for the 2020/21 season: Premier League:

  • Average salary (in million €): 3.4

  • Salary ratio: 71%

La Liga:

  • Average salary (in million €): 2.4

  • Salary ratio: 62%


  • Average salary (in million €): 2.8

  • Salary ratio: 54%

Series A:

  • Average salary (in million €): 1.9

  • Salary ratio: 63%

League 1:

  • Average salary (in million €): 1.2

  • Salary ratio: 68%

In summary, salaries in professional football, especially in Europe's top leagues, remain very high. In the 2020/21 season, average salaries were highest in the Premier League, followed by the Bundesliga and La Liga. The Premier League had the highest salary ratio, while the Bundesliga had the lowest. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated financial impact on clubs, the trend towards increasing salaries and salary ratios appears to be continuing.


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